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Foundation Baptist College is committed to forging the next link in the chain of Biblical ministry. God committed that ministry to Paul, and Paul to Timothy. Then Paul commands Timothy to commit it to other faithful men so that they in turn, can entrust it to others. From generation to generation it has finally come to us by the good hand of God, and it is now our responsibility to pass it on to others.

A. A. Alexander (1772-1851), the first professor at Princeton Seminary, said this: "Some men accomplish much more by those whom they educate than by their own personal labours … If they are so favoured as to be the means of bringing forward a few pious youth, and preparing them for the ministry, they may do more good than if their whole lives had been spent in doing nothing else but preaching the Gospel." Every pastor understands the joy of investing his life in the lives of others. And that joy is doubled when the recipient is a young Christian, devoted to God, and eager to be trained to serve Him. As a pastor in Calgary for many years, I understand that joy. Over the years our church saw many young people head off to Bible college … in the United States. There are many fine schools in the US, but they can be prohibitively expensive. Also, the churches that need the ministry of these young people the most – those in western Canada – are deprived of their service for the years of their training. Then, the temptation not to return to serve the Lord in Canada can be quite strong. Many never return to plant churches, or pastor them, or even to serve in them as faithful members.

For many years, as I led our assembly in pastoral prayer, I would ask the Lord to do what Jesus commanded in Matthew 9:38 "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest." Western Canada is the Lord's harvest. It is a plenteous harvest. But the labourers are few. "Lord, send us more labourers." And He is answering that prayer, in part, by raising up Foundation Baptist College to train labourers. Some of them will be pastors. Some of them will be godly church members. All of them, by God's grace, will be the Lord's servants.

We welcome pastors, especially here in the west, to inform your young people about the opportunities at Foundation Baptist College. We welcome Christian young people to pray about coming to Edmonton to prepare for the future. Perhaps you are the answer to the prayers of many of God's people.

By God's Grace,

Pastor Bud Talbert, President

Foundation Baptist College